LIWC: Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count

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Comparison of LIWC2007 and LIWClite7

Feature LIWC2007 LIWClite7
Analyze multiple files Yes Yes
LIWC2007 dictionary and traditional LIWC2001 dictionary Yes Yes
Includes LIWC dictionaries in several different languages Yes No
Includes Wordstat versions of LIWC2001 and LIWC2007 dictionaries Yes
Runs on all Windows platforms including Vista and Windows 7 Yes Yes
Runs on all Macintosh Intel machines from OSX 10.7 to OSX 10.10 Yosemite Yes Yes
Analyse both text and Word (doc or rtf) documents Yes No
Analyse Word (docx) documents Yes No
Use external and user-defined dictionaries Yes No
Dictionaries can include phrases Yes
(Mac only)
Highlight words found in a file Yes
(Mac only)
Analyze files in segments Yes No
Analyze punctuation and numbers Yes No
Customize categories to include in output Yes No
Official LIWC manual included
Price US$89.95 US$29.95

Campare LIWC2007 and LIWC2001 dictionaries

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